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Below are testimonials written by some of the practitioners who rent rooms at The Wellbeing Rooms, we hope that they speak for themselves!

‘I would highly recommend room rental at the Wellbeing Rooms - it is by far the nicest therapy space I've ever worked from. The rooms have been very thoughtfully decorated and feel warm and inviting, and the owners have really gone the extra mile in providing all the little things needed to deliver a safe and caring environment for both renters and clients. Booking is very straightforward and having the option of ad hoc booking that I can manage myself via an online system is invaluable. I've felt very welcomed and supported as a new renter, and now can't imagine renting anywhere else. Five stars!’

Yoga at Home
Ocean Rocks

‘I've been practicing CBT from the Wellbeing Rooms since September 2020. I love going to work knowing that myself and my clients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Benefits of The Wellbeing Rooms are own key, individual buzzers in each room, parking. The girls have thought of everything. Highly recommend practicing from The Wellbeing Rooms!’

'When I decided to reduce my working hours in medical research and pursue my passion of cognitive behaviour psychotherapy, I had to find a safe, secure, confidential and permanent counselling rooms for CBT sessions. I was extremely fortunate when I become a renter at The Wellbeing Rooms.

Our physical environment influences our emotions, and the design of the therapy rooms can affect the therapeutic experience of both client and therapist. The client requires perceptions of psychological safety, intimacy which leads to open communication and a therapeutic alliance develops.   The Wellbeing Rooms are designed to empower emotional vulnerable clients. The naturally painted rooms with large windows are stress relieving, open and warm. Both the entrance and the therapy rooms are private and confidential with positive distractions of art and plants.   The Wellbeing Rooms allows a therapeutic experience for clients, and for therapists themselves.'

Calm Lake
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