Located in Bearsden, Glasgow, The Wellbeing Rooms are here to help promote and improve your physical and mental health. At The Wellbeing Rooms there are a wide range of wellbeing practitioners who offer their own professional service to help you improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Explore our website to learn more about what we do at The Wellbeing Rooms, and believe that you can reach out for help towards positive change.

The Wellbeing Rooms were founded in 2019 in Bearsden, Glasgow and is a partnership between three clinical psychologists Jo McColl, Jan Ferris and Catherine Jenkins. We are all down to earth, approachable and friendly clinicians who have a passion for helping others and have 40 years of combined qualified clinical experience. We aim to provide comprehensive health and wellbeing services to the Bearsden and surrounding areas of Central Scotland in order to support and foster the mental and physical health of our clients. We recognised the real need for therapeutic room space in North Glasgow for all types of independent health and wellbeing practitioners, but we had difficulty finding a suitable space in Bearsden. In September 2019 we finally spotted the perfect building in an ideal location in the heart of Bearsden and that’s when The Wellbeing Rooms were finally made a reality!

We offer a safe, therapeutic and confidential space to various qualified wellbeing practitioners who have their own area of expertise. We can therefore provide a space for practitioners to offer a variety of therapies and services to improve and help maintain your optimal physical and mental health.  We recognise the strong link between physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and aim for the therapies and interventions at The Wellbeing Rooms to be as accessible as possible. In order to practice at The Wellbeing Rooms we require practitioners to meet our high standards of being fully trained in their own speciality, being professionally qualified, being regulated under a recognised Professional Body and being professionally insured. 

We all find it rewarding to work with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of improving their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing mental health difficulties, have physical health needs, or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, The Wellbeing Rooms provides the resources to do so in a safe, confidential, healing and friendly environment.