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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (ADULT 18 years +)
Qualifications: Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)
Regulatory bodies: General Hypnotherapy Register (registration number 9111), Complementary and Natural
Healthcare Council (CNHC05721)

Natalie practises cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (also known as Hypno-

CBT), to help with anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, social confidence, and to

improve motivation – in sports, in the workplace or with public speaking.

As someone who enjoys climbing (indoor and on rock), Natalie noticed how

powerful the mindset is in this sport - in fact, climbing is often described as a

“mental game”. She has also used self-hypnosis successfully to alleviate exam

nerves, and a visit to a hypnotherapist several years ago helped her overcome

fears of public speaking. These experiences demonstrated for Natalie that hypnosis is not a kind of magic trick, but an adjustment of mindset, a tool that is accessible to all of us.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) explores our patterns of thought and

behaviour and looks at ways that these can be adjusted in order to facilitate

change. Hypnosis and CBT work well together. CBT methods can be used to

explore the issue, to identify thought or behaviour patterns that are maintaining

the problem, and to identify desired values and goals. Hypnosis can then be

used to reinforce goals and new patterns of thought, and to build feelings of self


Unlike the impression given by stage hypnotists, hypnosis is not a quick fix! It can sometimes have rapid results, but in order to achieve lasting improvements, you have to put in work, sometimes practicing in your own time, because it usually takes a bit of effort to change deeply ingrained thought and behaviour patterns that have been built up over a lifetime. It takes teamwork, and Natalie works with clients to find the best way forward for them. Wherever possible, she will use your own words in the hypnosis, so that the scripts are directed towards you personally, targeting your stated goals and representing your values.

Natalie offers a free 15 or 20-minute initial chat by phone or via an online

platform like Zoom or Skype, to discuss the issue, and to help you decide

whether cognitive behavioural therapy is something you want to proceed with.

You can read more on Natalie’s website: http://glasgowhypnocbt.co.uk/

Natalie can be contacted by phone on 07523 845395 or by email at