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Family Therapist / Couples Therapist (CHILD, ADOLESCENT AND ADULT)
Qualifications: MSc Family & Systemic Psychotherapy
Regulatory Body: UK Council of Psychotherapists (membership 2011170264)
Association of Family Therapists (membership 2005003)

Jackie has worked with families for over 25 years, for much of that time as a family law solicitor, and now also as a family therapist. As a lawyer, Jackie became increasingly aware of the emotional difficulties her clients were struggling with, during or after separation. There didn’t seem to be anywhere they could go, with their children, for help with this. Before law, Jackie had studied psychology and so decided to train as a family therapist to provide somewhere for families to go and talk about problems they experienced, whether as a result of separation or something else.

Family therapy is useful for many problems and in many situations. Most people are not sure what family therapy is. It is a branch of psychotherapy which is a way of dealing with mental health or emotional issues by talking instead of, or as well as, having medical treatment or taking medication. Most family therapists work for the NHS in adult or children’s mental health services. Jackie works independently which means there is no need for a referral from your GP - you can arrange appointments with her directly.

Family therapists see individuals or people in family relationships. This can be parents with young children or teenagers; it can be adult children and their parents; siblings; couples; adopted children; step families. Sometimes it is one family member who is finding things difficult. Sometimes the whole family is affected. The difficulties might be with communication and/or family relationships; there might be emotional and/or behavioural problems. Sometimes the family do not know what is making things so difficult, but they know they would like things to be different. Family therapy helps people talk about what is happening for them, what they would like to be different and how they might achieve that.

If you are interested in finding out more or making an appointment, please contact Jackie below:

Jackie Young

Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

Ph. 07932 762700