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Waiting area: Services

There is hand sanitiser and wipes at the entrance to The Wellbeing Rooms. During COVID 19 times, we request that everyone applies hand sanitiser upon entering the building. We also ask that everyone practices social distancing and recommended hand hygiene during their visit to The Wellbeing Rooms. There is also a sink in the toilet area on the top floor which can be accessed by both clinicians and clients.


We politely request that clients always arrive as close to your appointment as possible so that your therapist or practitioner is expecting you and can let you in to the building via the security entry buzzer. This is particularly relevant during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For the foreseeable future the waiting area is unfortunately not in use due to COVID 19 and we ask that any accompanying relatives or friends wait elsewhere during the session time (parents of young children being an exception).


The Wellbeing Rooms benefit from security entry and all appointments are strictly by appointment only. We do not have a receptionist and our practitioners will be in sessions with clients throughout the day, therefore we are unable to answer the door without you having a prearranged appointment.

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