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Our brand new blog for our first year of being open!

Hello and thank you for reading our brand new blog! We are really pleased to now have this new section on our website to share regular updates about The Wellbeing Rooms. We will have chats, photos, links and articles about things like who's offering their professional services from The Wellbeing Rooms, top tips to help your wellbeing, updates from and about our building and our regular #weekendwellbeing slot which has grown to be popular on our Facebook page.

We only just realised it was our year anniversary on the 3rd of February for when we officially opened to see clients! So that’s a year of being open (minus a few lockdowns ) and being able to provide essential help for clients mental health and wellbeing. Seems like a good time to launch our blog!

Talking of wellbeing, ours was truly tested this week when the restaurant below us (Massimo) discovered a significant leak into their restaurant which is directly under us. We had no visible sign of any flood from The Wellbeing Rooms so we had to get our trusty builder Jay at Honeywell Joinery to rip up the floor of our kitchen, hall and bathroom!!! Huge apologies to all those whose clinics and sessions were affected on Wednesday this week but we are so pleased to report that there’s no leak from our building! It is from another pipe external to us and is being fixed so Massimo will be a water free zone again very soon!

Ah the rollercoaster that is life. We were never so glad to have each other to lean on during such stressful times (while also home schooling and working!). Hats off to everyone out there constantly juggling during such testing times and it shows how important it is to get support when you need it, none of us are immune to the rollercoaster!

A huge thank you again to our builder Jay and to all of our clients and renters for their support throughout our first year of operation.

Keep following for regular blog updates!

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